The Easy Ad-Supported
Technology Solution

Fund your technology with hyperlocal, hyper-simple advertising.

Blueport Honeycomb provides premium-quality Wi-Fi service, funded by advertising sales to local businesses you already recommend to your guests.

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BluePort Benefits 

Hotel Benefits

  • Great Wi-Fi Service
  • QoS (quality of service) is state of the art.
  • Provide the reliable, secure wi-fi service your guests demand.
  • We manage the network 24×7.

  • Monetize Your Wi-Fi
  • Defray the cost with local advertising.
  • We do the work! Ads are sold by Hatling Digital Media.
  • Support small businesses in your community.
  • You own the network and hardware.

  • Fewer Front-Desk Headaches
  • Easy access.
  • Guests scroll through a handful of ads to log in.
  • Fewer local services for staff to remember.

  • Built-in Self Promotion
  • Hotels receive the most visible ad tiles at a discounted rate.

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Hatling Digital Media Products

mobile, public digital & private digital ad placements

From Cost Center to Revenue Generator

Hyperlocal Mobile

Show ads to everyone connecting to the hotel’s free Wi-Fi.

Hyperlocal Public Digital

Display ads on the hotel’s common area digital signage.

Hyperlocal Private Digital

Show ads to every guest on the TV in their room.

BluePort Agreement